“An opportunity to come together.”

"An opportunity to come together.”

Karen of Raleigh

A place for things to happen. – TJ Husted of Outdoor ImagesWhen Karen’s yard needed more than her maintenance landscaper could provide, he recommended Outdoor Images. The front yard, with manicured edges and a central patch of lawn posed two challenges: first, the grass required too much maintenance and second, it created a barrier between the house and the close-knit neighborhood.

TJ Husted, Outdoor Images founder, master gardener and award-winning designer, resolved these concerns with his vision of the front yard as a gathering space, connecting the street with the homeowner’s front porch. He blended existing elements into a garden complete with a small flagstone patio and walking path that welcomes passersby into the space.

Says TJ, “The finished product has encouraged more community activity. It’s an opportunity to come together – a place for things to happen.”


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